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    About Inspiring4u

Inspirational and Motivational quote posters, Uniqe Shoes and accessories, art, Home & Office decor and more home styling inspiring gifts ideas... 

Positive thinking quotes that Suitable for all those who need positive reinforcement
and motivation. For office decor, home decor, meeting room, hospitals.
Great gift idea to yourself, to your friends or family. 
For people in any process or crisis that needs strength to keep moving forward.

Quotes of great people and well respected and known in the world history.


About Me...

Welcome! My name is Michal.
I'm a graphic designer. I designed and branded small and large companies for 20 years, but felt something was missing. Something in my soul. Something through which I can express my inner self.
I was looking for a way that my creativity can be expressed and will also touch others and affect them.
I started to discover the world of personal development.
I discovered an amazing world that I just wanted to study it more and more.
I began to hear, read and learn from masters in this field.

I remembered as a child, I had a notebook with empowerment and inspiration quotes. I loved to collect from various sources. I saw that these sentences often helped me and strengthened me in my way.

Thus was born the idea to combine my love for designing, creating, and painting and the need to inspire, and strengthen others. 
I want to feel that I am helping you on your way to fulfill your major goals.
Hope my work will give you inspiration to keep moving forward.

So this is my new shop, hoping you will like my work and encourage me to create more and more.

I invite you to visit me from time to time and see what's new. 
Enjoy, and thanks again for stopping by. 

Don't forget: continue to dream big. 
Stick to your targets.
Break boundaries 
Fulfill yourself !

    Michal Stainmetz.